Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I have just finnished reading "Return to me" by Christy Reece, which is her second book that follows "Rescue me" .
This is a set of three books about Last Chance Rescue agency.
I have just started the third book "Run to me".
If you have not read these or have just looked at them, go and pick them up because they are a brilliant set of books.
All the characters are soul searchingly damaged, having to overcome numerous obsticles to achieve their goals and happiness.
In "Rescue me" Eden has been scarred mentally and physically and has a real bitch for a mother who was the main source of her future life.
When she re-meets Jordan thats when she comes to realise that there is more to life than her work and she really does care for Jordan after closing down all emotion about him from her past.
The second book which is "Return to me" is about Noah who is the head of the organisation.
He really did have a very sad childhood and Samara really was his saviour to bring him closure on his past, and i did find this book quite sad in respect to his twin brother.
I have just started "Run to me" which will probably be just as harrowing as the other two i will try and finish today and review it tommorow.
These are definitely keepers, i am going to check the authors website to see if she is going to do any of the other characters mentioned in the book.
I will now attempt to do some work other than playing the computer its a good job my niece Natalie was here to do the typing as she is much faster than me!