Monday, 25 February 2013

The Long Way Home. Mariah Stewart.

         Ellie has come to St. Dennis to claim the house her late mother left her. It`s the only place she has left to run after her father and fiance` are put in prison for stealing millions from innocent investors.

         Trying to keep her identity a secret she plans to renovate the house and sell, moving on with her life.

          Cameron, the local contractor, has always wanted the house that was a refuge from his own demons and past. So when Ellie wants help with the decorating Cameron is all to willing to help. He gets an in with the owner of the house, and time spent with Ellie, who becomes more than a project.

           Ellie`s lessons in do-it-yourself become all the more magical as she finds out about her past family and slowly begins to warm to the quite of St.Dennis and the charms of Cameron.

       I liked this book a lot. It was quite light to read and you met up with all the other characters from previous books.

       The story was good and the characters were strong and believable. You really felt for Ellie and Cameron, and you really cheered them on.

Book   1:   Coming Home.
Book   2:   Home Again.
Book  3:    Almost Home.
Book   4:   Hometown Girl.
Book   5:  Home For The Summer.
Book  6:   The Long Way Home.

Running Wild. Linda Howard / Linda Jones

          Carlin has been running from a stalker, moving from place to place keeping off the grid. She ends up in Battle ridge, Wyoming working for Zeke on his ranch as cook.
           Zeke has a feeling all is not what it seems, cash for wages no questions asked. He finds her as skittish as a new born calf, but he is drawn to her.

          Catlin wanted nothing more than to do her work and save as much as possible then leave, but Zeke was not the type of man you could forget.

           I really liked this book. Catlin was one strong woman. Zeke was a dream all in all a great read.
           Strong story great characters, and it flowed well.

           Read it in an afternoon!!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Black moon. Stephanie Tyler

         Kalen, a sorcerer of imence powers is a member of a top secret team of Wolf shifters. They battle dark forces, but Kalen fights an evil Fea who is trying to take him over.

         He has grown close to Mac the doctor in the group, but when he finds out she carries his child, he forces her away to protect her and the child.

        HE will in the end have to uleash his full powers to protect her and the group.

       I really enjoyed the first two books in the series but I personally found this one a bit repetative. The problems the couple had to face seemed a little bit to contrived for me.

      This will not stop me reading the rest of the series as the first two kept me gripped from beginning to end.

Book  1 :   Primal Law
Book 2 :    Savage awakening.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ella Kennedy.

      Direct, unapologetic Abby, was once a desperate child in need of care.Rescued by a retired army ranger, he molded her into a fearless assassin.

      Her latest assignment is to sniff out an arms dealer n Columbia, who also deals in the sex trade. To help the victims she blows her cover.
      Its left to mercenary Kane to get her out.

      Great book!!! Abby was one kick-ass heroine. Kane was just the man to compliment her.
      All characters were believable and the story fast paced and exciting.

This is book 1. Book 2 due Feb 13.
"Midnight Alias."