Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maya Banks - Darkest Hour

Its A MUST READ from the the KGI Series from Maya.

The book is excellently written with all the thing you have come to love and expect within her books. So it doesn't really matter what the story is you will need to pick this book up and have a read. But in case you would like to know here is a brief summary. It centre in the Brothers from the previous books focusing on Kelly Brook international which they started. The Brothers are sent in to do jobs which the US goverment can not. It becomes a hostage retrieval of a personal nature in Ethan and Rachels story with all its twist and turns doesn't fail to deliver.

But incase you thought you would have to wait for the next installment you dont release in December 2010 No Place To Run is Sam and Sophies story. And sees Sam doing everything he can to hold on to a woman whos character is independant protective and ultimately driven by the undenialable chemistry between Sam and herself.

But once you have finished reading you will be on tender hooks waiting till March 2011 for the next installment in the series.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Robyn Carr - Promise Canyon

Released in Paper back in January 2011

The book continues on from the River Virgin Series set in the Vets centre featured in the previous short story.

It focuses on Clay who has been employed to work with horse at the vets. He falls for a girl called Lily who works delivering feed for her elderly grandfather.

The story centres on Clay and Lily overcoming issues from there past and learning to take a chance on some one once more. Although Clay is charming and evrything you would expect from a leading character, Lily battles unresolved issues which results in a flippent character who's development only really reveals itself towards the end of the book.

Overall I feel this is not the best Virgin River Book written, but is a nice continuation which fills the gaps between her previous and next book. Wild Man Creek is the next book from Robyn Carr which comes out in February 2011 and is followed by Harvest Moon in March 2011. With two further installments of the books still to come out.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Website Changes


I've recently been having some help with my website, and will hopefully have a new layout in the Genre pages. So watch out for the changes coming soon. I will also be blogging on new books due out and making more changes giving you links to books I will be selling on ebay from my shop. Also if you are an over sea's customer or a local one looking for contempary romance novels or any books i have mentions, please feel free to email me at I maybe able to order the book for you or have a look to see if i have it in stock.
Expect lots more post of new books, reviews and my opinions on authors everyone should try to read.

Bye for now