Sunday, 25 September 2011

Eva Berlin - Desires Edge

Dante and Kara both have very troubled backgrounds and relationship problems. It is through their sexual fantasies that they come to understand there selves and each other.
Although good it was for me a little repetitive, the main characters seemed to constantly be barriers up against the, which I didn`t always understand the reasoning for, but it wasn`t enough to put me of off reading another of her books.
Julia =)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Stephanie Tyler - In the air tonight!

Romantic suspence Shadow Force series.
Mace runs a small bar in upstate N.Y. After an op goes wrong, which he barely survives, he returns home, along with a friend from his unit who is suffering with amnesia.
Paige, sister to a fallen comrade, comes to him for help dealing with the loss of her brother, but
she also has other problems dealing with the release from prison of her older
brother, who had attacked her, and, committed murder.
Although I really like Tyler’s books, I found this one just a little difficult to really engage with. Characters just didn’t flow for me. I also couldn’t remember past characters and their story lines,
but even so it was not a bad read. It could have just been me; it did take me nearly a week to read, I was just really busy. Try it yourself though and let me know.
Julia =)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Going Cowboy Crazy - Katie Lane

I like this book, i really liked it after i found it was the authors first novel. And the fact that the teaser of her new book out on the 1st of June was so amazing that i regret having to wait to read it.

Faith finds out she has a twin from her adoptive mother who is dying. So she goes in search of Hope in Bramble Texas. Felling like a fish out of water in Texas as oppose to Chicago, she is mistaken by the towns people for Hope in the local bar. Everyone believes its her except for Cal, Hope best friend and now the coach of the high school football team.

Katie brilliantly capture what its like to live in a small town, there were laughs and an entertaining story line where characters weren't always behaving as you expected. I give this book a 5 out of 10 and I'm definitely going to read the next book asap. I'd definitely recommend this book especially if her new book Make Mine A Bad Boy is half as good as i expect it to be.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Watch Over Me - Lucy Monroe

Personally i found this book a little wearing. The book became slow and bogged down in the middle with all the computer Jargin, and took a while to build and recover. I really like the story line but it lacked that edge to it which is found in other Authors of the Genre.

I have ordered the first book and the third book to judge whether this was just an exception, and if in her other books her writing is paced better and hold that bite. I will of course update you to see if this was the exception to Monroe's writing style.


Cassie Ryan - Trio of Seduction

The Planet Tudor is slowly dying after the civil war between two waring fractions. It is up to the Queen, See'er and Healer to complete the triangle to rescue its former glory, but after the war one part of the triangle is banished to earth, once there the people of Tudor realise they are needed to help restore the balance.

This is the third book in the series about the Healer Kiera and the Prince Ryan. It was a good read an ended the series nicely. I also feel there is potential to give some characters series of their own. Overall this book is a good read.

Book 1 = Ceremony of seduction

Book 2 = Vision of Seduction

Book 3 = Trio of Seduction

Cutting Edge - Allision Brennan

Security expert Duke is called to help FBI agent Nora, after a body is found in a burnt out lab the suspects an anti technology group are active and its a race againts time to find the arsonists.

What went wrong here I have to ask? This book was nothing like the Allision Brennan of her othe books, i was really disappointed. I didnt like this installment and did not choose to keep this book.


I Can see you - Karen Rose

Another brilliant book from Karen Rose. Eve is badly scarred by an attack some years earlier, hiding from the real world she escapes on the internet where she meets Noah a detective who thinks there is a connection between the victims and the murders. Once again i really enjoyed this book. Although my only critism is Eve and Noahs charcters didn't seem to develop throught out the story. As a whole the book lacked that extra bite to it that her books normally have, but i still have it as a keeper.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Cat Johnson

I absolutely loved these books. And would place Cat Johnson as my second favourite author of cowboy, erotic romance's. Although her books are short, they are full of passion and tales of the heart although being short they could have more details along with a longer plot line to make these books nearly on par with Lorelei James Rough Riders Series.

Clay and Mason have always shared everything and that includes their bosses daughter April. For one summer they shared each other in every way possible, only to each take different paths in life. When tragedy brings them back together can they make the choice which is right for them or society. This book was a little light and the subject matter could have been explored more with a longer plot line. But overall i would recommend this book as i loved it.

Studs in Spurs!

The first book UnRidden in the series Studs in Spurs from Cat Johnson is Rough Ride. I will admit to falling in love with the characters in this book, from Mustang to Slade and Jenna. I usually immediately fall out of love when an author gives ages of characters, but i was able to forget while i read as i all i wanted to know was who would end up with who. Jenna is a writer who has been sent to the rodeo to write an erotic book about cowboys ( a very popular genre so her writer says *giggles* ) Well while she's sitting in the stands Mustang set his eyes on her, and talks her into a drink under the disguise of reading her work for correct terminology. Well lets say the cowboys are not impressed with the sex scenes shes written. And decide to give her first hand experience to improve her writing of course.I loved this book i was disappointed when it ended until i went online and found out about Mustangs and Chases story was available ;) A

Bucked is the second books in the Series, Mustang is injured and is forced to return home to recooperate from his operation. When he get home he see's Sage, the little kid sister of his ex girlfriend is no longer a girl. She now all woman and very hard to resist. Having to make ends meet and not wanting to work with his disaproving father, Mustang uses what god gave him in the "Male Modelling world". After trying and failing to stay away from Sage, can they both accept who they are now, or will trust keep them apart. I loved this story, it was great to experience all the feelings Mustang went through.

Chase finds Lessa unbelievable attractive and want to know more about her, pitry shes the exotic dancer giving him a show in the back room for his birthday. Meeting Lessa the next day at the Rodeo signing he cant believe his luck and invites her up to his room for a few drinks. The next morning they wake up with a wedding certificate, two rings and no memory of where they came from. Chase figures he didnt want to be married, but while they are, there is no harm trying to convince her they should date once their divorced. I loved this book, especially the ending and it just made me want more of the series, which in my opinion is when you no you have a good author on your hands. I'm yet to read her other series or single stories, but when i do i will be sure to post telling you if she is as great at those as giving us stories of strong women and Cowboys. :) A

Tyler By C.H Admirand

Tyler needs to save the family ranch from forclosure. Needing money fast he applies for a job in the local paper, which turns out to be an exotic dancer. Out of his confort zone on stage hes not exaxtly thrilled. But he is taken by Emily his boss. In danger Tyler protects Emily.

I tried hard to read this book, but with an unimaginative plot, weak characters with little or no development i was unable to read more than half. I would not recommend this author at the moment but would read her next book just to assure myself her books are definately not for me. But she does have a very nice book cover ;) A

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Denise Belinda McDonald - The Cowboy Plan

Alex Barret is always left taking care of others, now shes finally free to take care of herself. Drew Hartford is a famous Country Music Star, having women throwing themselves at him every night, the last thing he expected was Alex to throw her milkshake at him. Intrigued by Alex, he offers her a job which she can't refuse.

I found this book was an enjoyable read but forgettable, except for one doggy door and wide hips most of this book is a blur. Overall this is not a book which I would recommend. But I would try another of Denise Belinda McDonald books Wrong Cowboy, Right Turn, before making a complete and firm opinion.


Carolyn Brown - Honky Tonk

I Love This Bar
Hell Yeah
My Give a Dam is Busted
Honky Tonk Christmas

Originally ordered from Romantic Times thanks to the hunky Cowboy front covers, these books turned out to be a joy to read.
The Honky Tonk Is a Bar with an unusual curse for the owner, they will meet the man they love while working there. With vintage decor and juke box, and new songs played at the weekends, as each new owner of the bar finds romance, the legend and popularity surrounding the Honky Tonk Grows to. With cowboy's, Oil men and sassy head strong women, Daisy, Kathy, Larissa and Sharlene there is a character for every woman to relate to, or cowboy to lust after.

Having read all four there was some debates over which books worked and which did not, with different opinions found. My favourite was My Give a Damn's Busted, with a multi layered plot and lots of questions answered i devoured this book in one sitting. The four books as a body of work while not an amazing series, i would definately read another of Carolyn Browns other novels.

Lorelei James - Black Top Cowboys


Saddled and Spurred

Another excellent series by Lorelei James. She is by far my favorite author in the Cowboy Genre. She manages to include eroticism, humor, and indepth plot lines and character to make her books must reads.

Corralled is the first installment in the series, sports therapist Lainie Capshaw finds her self envoled with both Hank and Kyle. Dating both at the same time no one is more surprised than Lainie by the proposition given to her when she's caught out. With a memorable seen involving a wooden horse and a saddle it will definately get you hot under the collar

Saddled and Spurred is brilliant with humor, eroticism, and a reminder not to judge people by how they look. Bran Turner is in need of a ranch hand, and prim and proper beauty queen Harper Masterson needs a job. This book brilliantly adds depth while setting up threads for the books to come. I loved this book and would definately be one i would recommend to read.

Keep an eye out for the next installment of Black Top Cowboys Wrangled andTangled


R C Ryan - Montana Series

  • Montana Legacy
  • Montana Destiny
  • Montana Glory

I enjoyed this series by R.C Ryan, it was light hearted and each book had a happy ending. Montana Glory was by far my favourite book even if it conclution. R. C Ryan writes about the three McCord cousins, who spend an idilic childhood on the family ranch, before two are taken away by their parents. Zane to Hollywood, Wyatt arround the world, while Jesse's stayed to take over responsibilty of the ranch. Reunited by the death of their grandfather the cousins set out to fullfill their grandfathers last wish to stay on the ranch and search for the gold lost by their ancesters. The unusal story line ending was a brillinat way to conclude the series, and left me overall with a positive feeling towards R.C Ryan's work. Although i would no necessarily recommend these books to read.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Zack, Luke, Cade by Cheyane McCray

Zack and Luck are the first and second boocks in McCray's Armed and Dangerous series. The stories deal with people and drug smuggling from Mexico.
Zack Comes home to follow up leads on the smuggling and meets up with an olf flame who he left years before.

In the second installment Luke has been working undercover at the neighbours ranch for sometime, working together in this book Zack and Luke begin to uncover the the ring of smuggling as well as finding a way to crack the defense of the women they love.

I loved these books, and if you haven't already read them, then why not?

These are must for all erotic fans who love a touch of cowboy! and yes the jacuzzi scene is definately something to savour!
Cade is expected out in April 2011 and I cant wait to see what happens next.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cowboys - The Mc Kettricks

I could be here for a very long time writing out all the wonderful stories in this series by Linda Lael Miller. So please allow me to group a few together.
  • McKettricks Luck
  • McKettricks Pride
  • McKettricks Heart
These brothers fight for their women, to protect, and provide, and make a life for themselves. After the family business is floated on the stock market, all the brothers gravitate back to the family ranch and times when they were once happy. All these story contain strong women who must help tame the wild Mckettrick men.
  • McKettricks of Texas :Tate
  • McKettricks of Texas : Garret
  • McKettricks of Texas : Austin
These cowboys are my personal favourites, I loved Garrets and Austins books and how brilliantly the opposites are written.

Tate is a divorced father of two girls, who is struggling to keep up with the demands of his business and the ranch. Libby Remmington is struggling to take care of her mother and run her business. Once childhood sweethearts, a mistake cost them there chance, except Tate is playing for a second one.

After a scandal breaks out Garret returns home from the political scene, planning to lay low for a while and then hes straight back to the big city.
Julie Remmington is Garret nemisis from school, but now Garrett finds himself less inclined to argue first especially when its not the first thing which comes to mind when he see's her.

Austin Mckettrick was bested by a bull, in pain and moody he returns home. His brothers say he needs a nurse, and hire Paige Remmington. Paige isn't to happy with her new paitents attitude she is after all trying to do a job he keeps firing her from. But is it because he doesn't need a nurse, or because he doesn't want Paige to be his nurse, either way Paige is going anywhere.

If you could read one series by Linda Lael Miller I would recommend this one. There are other books in each series some historical or following other relatives journeys, but these are definately the high lights of each.


This is the start of cowboy month. With a series of books which centre arround hunky cowboys.

Some of the best Cowboy Novels are written by Linda Lael Miller. In my opinion she is one of the best authors to first start reading.

Montana Creed's and The Mckettricks are two great series to begin reading. Montana Creeds series is about three brothers who return home to rebuild the family ranch.

Logan, February 2009.
Logan returns home after years of wandering with a successful Law practice and the money to rebuild his ranch. Showing Kindness to a stranger Brianna and her young sons, her life is put in danger by her past. Logan takes Brianna and her sons and makes sure to protect what is now his own. This book was a pleasure to read although not untypical of the Cowboy genre it was well written and a nice beginning to the Series.

Dylan, March 2009. Dylan arrives home to the family ranch with a surprise. The daughter he rarely gets to see, between his skills at the rodeo and with woman, Dylan Knows very little when it comes to his daughter who is left in his truck. Kirsty Madison would not be called Dylans number one fan, after leaving her with a broken heart she has to decided whether he is worth the risk once again.

I loved this book, its rare to have a male lead left holding the baby, and the simple every day experiences in this book make it a true joy to read.

Tyler, April 2009. Tyler returns home trying to mend fences with his brothers, through out all these books you learn of the rock childhood each of the brothers had. Although this is also a love story between Tyler and Lily, it resolved many of the unanswered questions and truely portrays a person coming to terms with a awful past. This was a brilliant ending and left me wishing they had one more brother to read about.

Overall a brilliant Series which i have Kept to read over and over.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maya Banks - Darkest Hour

Its A MUST READ from the the KGI Series from Maya.

The book is excellently written with all the thing you have come to love and expect within her books. So it doesn't really matter what the story is you will need to pick this book up and have a read. But in case you would like to know here is a brief summary. It centre in the Brothers from the previous books focusing on Kelly Brook international which they started. The Brothers are sent in to do jobs which the US goverment can not. It becomes a hostage retrieval of a personal nature in Ethan and Rachels story with all its twist and turns doesn't fail to deliver.

But incase you thought you would have to wait for the next installment you dont release in December 2010 No Place To Run is Sam and Sophies story. And sees Sam doing everything he can to hold on to a woman whos character is independant protective and ultimately driven by the undenialable chemistry between Sam and herself.

But once you have finished reading you will be on tender hooks waiting till March 2011 for the next installment in the series.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Robyn Carr - Promise Canyon

Released in Paper back in January 2011

The book continues on from the River Virgin Series set in the Vets centre featured in the previous short story.

It focuses on Clay who has been employed to work with horse at the vets. He falls for a girl called Lily who works delivering feed for her elderly grandfather.

The story centres on Clay and Lily overcoming issues from there past and learning to take a chance on some one once more. Although Clay is charming and evrything you would expect from a leading character, Lily battles unresolved issues which results in a flippent character who's development only really reveals itself towards the end of the book.

Overall I feel this is not the best Virgin River Book written, but is a nice continuation which fills the gaps between her previous and next book. Wild Man Creek is the next book from Robyn Carr which comes out in February 2011 and is followed by Harvest Moon in March 2011. With two further installments of the books still to come out.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Website Changes


I've recently been having some help with my website, and will hopefully have a new layout in the Genre pages. So watch out for the changes coming soon. I will also be blogging on new books due out and making more changes giving you links to books I will be selling on ebay from my shop. Also if you are an over sea's customer or a local one looking for contempary romance novels or any books i have mentions, please feel free to email me at I maybe able to order the book for you or have a look to see if i have it in stock.
Expect lots more post of new books, reviews and my opinions on authors everyone should try to read.

Bye for now