Thursday, 22 September 2011

Stephanie Tyler - In the air tonight!

Romantic suspence Shadow Force series.
Mace runs a small bar in upstate N.Y. After an op goes wrong, which he barely survives, he returns home, along with a friend from his unit who is suffering with amnesia.
Paige, sister to a fallen comrade, comes to him for help dealing with the loss of her brother, but
she also has other problems dealing with the release from prison of her older
brother, who had attacked her, and, committed murder.
Although I really like Tyler’s books, I found this one just a little difficult to really engage with. Characters just didn’t flow for me. I also couldn’t remember past characters and their story lines,
but even so it was not a bad read. It could have just been me; it did take me nearly a week to read, I was just really busy. Try it yourself though and let me know.
Julia =)

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