Monday, 18 February 2013

Black moon. Stephanie Tyler

         Kalen, a sorcerer of imence powers is a member of a top secret team of Wolf shifters. They battle dark forces, but Kalen fights an evil Fea who is trying to take him over.

         He has grown close to Mac the doctor in the group, but when he finds out she carries his child, he forces her away to protect her and the child.

        HE will in the end have to uleash his full powers to protect her and the group.

       I really enjoyed the first two books in the series but I personally found this one a bit repetative. The problems the couple had to face seemed a little bit to contrived for me.

      This will not stop me reading the rest of the series as the first two kept me gripped from beginning to end.

Book  1 :   Primal Law
Book 2 :    Savage awakening.

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