Thursday, 17 March 2011

Carolyn Brown - Honky Tonk

I Love This Bar
Hell Yeah
My Give a Dam is Busted
Honky Tonk Christmas

Originally ordered from Romantic Times thanks to the hunky Cowboy front covers, these books turned out to be a joy to read.
The Honky Tonk Is a Bar with an unusual curse for the owner, they will meet the man they love while working there. With vintage decor and juke box, and new songs played at the weekends, as each new owner of the bar finds romance, the legend and popularity surrounding the Honky Tonk Grows to. With cowboy's, Oil men and sassy head strong women, Daisy, Kathy, Larissa and Sharlene there is a character for every woman to relate to, or cowboy to lust after.

Having read all four there was some debates over which books worked and which did not, with different opinions found. My favourite was My Give a Damn's Busted, with a multi layered plot and lots of questions answered i devoured this book in one sitting. The four books as a body of work while not an amazing series, i would definately read another of Carolyn Browns other novels.

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