Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This is the start of cowboy month. With a series of books which centre arround hunky cowboys.

Some of the best Cowboy Novels are written by Linda Lael Miller. In my opinion she is one of the best authors to first start reading.

Montana Creed's and The Mckettricks are two great series to begin reading. Montana Creeds series is about three brothers who return home to rebuild the family ranch.

Logan, February 2009.
Logan returns home after years of wandering with a successful Law practice and the money to rebuild his ranch. Showing Kindness to a stranger Brianna and her young sons, her life is put in danger by her past. Logan takes Brianna and her sons and makes sure to protect what is now his own. This book was a pleasure to read although not untypical of the Cowboy genre it was well written and a nice beginning to the Series.

Dylan, March 2009. Dylan arrives home to the family ranch with a surprise. The daughter he rarely gets to see, between his skills at the rodeo and with woman, Dylan Knows very little when it comes to his daughter who is left in his truck. Kirsty Madison would not be called Dylans number one fan, after leaving her with a broken heart she has to decided whether he is worth the risk once again.

I loved this book, its rare to have a male lead left holding the baby, and the simple every day experiences in this book make it a true joy to read.

Tyler, April 2009. Tyler returns home trying to mend fences with his brothers, through out all these books you learn of the rock childhood each of the brothers had. Although this is also a love story between Tyler and Lily, it resolved many of the unanswered questions and truely portrays a person coming to terms with a awful past. This was a brilliant ending and left me wishing they had one more brother to read about.

Overall a brilliant Series which i have Kept to read over and over.

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