Thursday, 17 March 2011

R C Ryan - Montana Series

  • Montana Legacy
  • Montana Destiny
  • Montana Glory

I enjoyed this series by R.C Ryan, it was light hearted and each book had a happy ending. Montana Glory was by far my favourite book even if it conclution. R. C Ryan writes about the three McCord cousins, who spend an idilic childhood on the family ranch, before two are taken away by their parents. Zane to Hollywood, Wyatt arround the world, while Jesse's stayed to take over responsibilty of the ranch. Reunited by the death of their grandfather the cousins set out to fullfill their grandfathers last wish to stay on the ranch and search for the gold lost by their ancesters. The unusal story line ending was a brillinat way to conclude the series, and left me overall with a positive feeling towards R.C Ryan's work. Although i would no necessarily recommend these books to read.


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