Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lorelei James - Black Top Cowboys


Saddled and Spurred

Another excellent series by Lorelei James. She is by far my favorite author in the Cowboy Genre. She manages to include eroticism, humor, and indepth plot lines and character to make her books must reads.

Corralled is the first installment in the series, sports therapist Lainie Capshaw finds her self envoled with both Hank and Kyle. Dating both at the same time no one is more surprised than Lainie by the proposition given to her when she's caught out. With a memorable seen involving a wooden horse and a saddle it will definately get you hot under the collar

Saddled and Spurred is brilliant with humor, eroticism, and a reminder not to judge people by how they look. Bran Turner is in need of a ranch hand, and prim and proper beauty queen Harper Masterson needs a job. This book brilliantly adds depth while setting up threads for the books to come. I loved this book and would definately be one i would recommend to read.

Keep an eye out for the next installment of Black Top Cowboys Wrangled andTangled


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