Sunday, 27 March 2011

Cat Johnson

I absolutely loved these books. And would place Cat Johnson as my second favourite author of cowboy, erotic romance's. Although her books are short, they are full of passion and tales of the heart although being short they could have more details along with a longer plot line to make these books nearly on par with Lorelei James Rough Riders Series.

Clay and Mason have always shared everything and that includes their bosses daughter April. For one summer they shared each other in every way possible, only to each take different paths in life. When tragedy brings them back together can they make the choice which is right for them or society. This book was a little light and the subject matter could have been explored more with a longer plot line. But overall i would recommend this book as i loved it.

Studs in Spurs!

The first book UnRidden in the series Studs in Spurs from Cat Johnson is Rough Ride. I will admit to falling in love with the characters in this book, from Mustang to Slade and Jenna. I usually immediately fall out of love when an author gives ages of characters, but i was able to forget while i read as i all i wanted to know was who would end up with who. Jenna is a writer who has been sent to the rodeo to write an erotic book about cowboys ( a very popular genre so her writer says *giggles* ) Well while she's sitting in the stands Mustang set his eyes on her, and talks her into a drink under the disguise of reading her work for correct terminology. Well lets say the cowboys are not impressed with the sex scenes shes written. And decide to give her first hand experience to improve her writing of course.I loved this book i was disappointed when it ended until i went online and found out about Mustangs and Chases story was available ;) A

Bucked is the second books in the Series, Mustang is injured and is forced to return home to recooperate from his operation. When he get home he see's Sage, the little kid sister of his ex girlfriend is no longer a girl. She now all woman and very hard to resist. Having to make ends meet and not wanting to work with his disaproving father, Mustang uses what god gave him in the "Male Modelling world". After trying and failing to stay away from Sage, can they both accept who they are now, or will trust keep them apart. I loved this story, it was great to experience all the feelings Mustang went through.

Chase finds Lessa unbelievable attractive and want to know more about her, pitry shes the exotic dancer giving him a show in the back room for his birthday. Meeting Lessa the next day at the Rodeo signing he cant believe his luck and invites her up to his room for a few drinks. The next morning they wake up with a wedding certificate, two rings and no memory of where they came from. Chase figures he didnt want to be married, but while they are, there is no harm trying to convince her they should date once their divorced. I loved this book, especially the ending and it just made me want more of the series, which in my opinion is when you no you have a good author on your hands. I'm yet to read her other series or single stories, but when i do i will be sure to post telling you if she is as great at those as giving us stories of strong women and Cowboys. :) A

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