Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cowboys - The Mc Kettricks

I could be here for a very long time writing out all the wonderful stories in this series by Linda Lael Miller. So please allow me to group a few together.
  • McKettricks Luck
  • McKettricks Pride
  • McKettricks Heart
These brothers fight for their women, to protect, and provide, and make a life for themselves. After the family business is floated on the stock market, all the brothers gravitate back to the family ranch and times when they were once happy. All these story contain strong women who must help tame the wild Mckettrick men.
  • McKettricks of Texas :Tate
  • McKettricks of Texas : Garret
  • McKettricks of Texas : Austin
These cowboys are my personal favourites, I loved Garrets and Austins books and how brilliantly the opposites are written.

Tate is a divorced father of two girls, who is struggling to keep up with the demands of his business and the ranch. Libby Remmington is struggling to take care of her mother and run her business. Once childhood sweethearts, a mistake cost them there chance, except Tate is playing for a second one.

After a scandal breaks out Garret returns home from the political scene, planning to lay low for a while and then hes straight back to the big city.
Julie Remmington is Garret nemisis from school, but now Garrett finds himself less inclined to argue first especially when its not the first thing which comes to mind when he see's her.

Austin Mckettrick was bested by a bull, in pain and moody he returns home. His brothers say he needs a nurse, and hire Paige Remmington. Paige isn't to happy with her new paitents attitude she is after all trying to do a job he keeps firing her from. But is it because he doesn't need a nurse, or because he doesn't want Paige to be his nurse, either way Paige is going anywhere.

If you could read one series by Linda Lael Miller I would recommend this one. There are other books in each series some historical or following other relatives journeys, but these are definately the high lights of each.

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